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Some of our games are available in english, these are :

Shell Shock (download)
 Shell Shock has been awarded the best 2010 Alternative RPG award by the French Roleplaying Games Federation.
Runner up for the 2008 best free indie rpg award 

Shell Shock puts you in the role of young recruits sent to the frontlines. Facing the hardships of military life and war they will have to make tough choices to survive.
Shell Shock is a set of rules which will allow you to tell the stories of these soldiers. There are no predetermined setting. You can tell the stories of US soldiers confronted to the horrors of the Korean war or the lives of guerilla fighters on the Polar front of the Mars independance war of 2135. Whatever the setting, the question remains the same : how far will they go to survive ?

"the game is pure genius, the best narrative game since The Mountain Witch"
Galadrin on

The Hard Way ! (download)
 Once upon a time there was a small contest at the Storygames forum : Write a game based on a category of exploitation or grindhouse movies in (about) the next two weeks. Entries are due by the end of the Halloween weekend. I'm happy to say I won the contest with this entry, heavily inspired by John Carpenter's Escape from New York and David Cronenberg's Scanners.

"short, sweet and rammed full of ideas." the free rpg blog

Barbarians of Lemuria
We are the proud publisher of the french edition of Simon Washbourne's Barbarians of Lemuria. Some people have asked for an english version of the french character sheet, here it is ! You can download the GM cheat-sheet and the Sorcery cheat-sheet as well.

Mini-supplements for Rafael Chandler's Dread : First Book of Pandemonium

A new character sheet, a GM cheat sheet, an improved equipment list and a random-spell list for faster chargen, a scenario set during world war 2 (The Thin Dark Line), another one set in the wild west (The Good, The Bad and the Disciple).

An alternate setting inspired by the mangas Claymore and Berserk : Shadow Crusade.

"Kobayashi is a game-design marksman: he never misses. I love his work." Rafael Chandler