mercredi 3 août 2016

A Society of Unlikely Gentlemen : Victorian sci-fi rpg !

This is the year 1895. Five years ago, the city of Atlantis rose again from the depths of the ocean. At the same time, several portals appeared on Earth and allowed safe passage to Venus and Mars.

Scientific marvels pop-up everywhere, four-armed martian ambassadors walk the streets of London while Venusian amazons guide big game hunters through the jungles of their planet. Empires still scheme and fight among themselves, looking for new technologies to gain the advantage over their rivals.

You play adventurers and explorers, always looking for new scientific discoveries, uncharted territories or lost treasure, to quench their thirst of knowledge, fortune and fame.

One of my players described it as "The adventures of Captain Future in the 19th century"

No magic, no fantasy, this is scientific romance !

If there is enough interest I will develop the game a bit more (illustrations, professionnal layout and added content). So if you like the game, let me know!
Click the image to download the game!