samedi 17 mars 2018

RATS IN THE WALLS : Paper minis!

Because, let's face it, paper minis are cool.

"Stay behind us professor Bergman, I smell trouble!"

"This is the end for you and your troublesome friends professor!"

"You don't scare me Ivan! Right guys?"

lundi 12 mars 2018

RATS IN THE WALLS: a roleplaying game of Cosmic Horror

Rats in the Walls is a roleplaying game of cosmic horror, inspired by the writings of H.P Lovecraft but it does not use HPL's Mythos (though it's pretty easy to run classic Call of Cthulhu-like adventures with the system). 

The game system is inspired by classics like Advanced Fighting Fantasy, Traveller and more recent titles like Maze Rats or Into the Odd.

  • Roll 2D6, add an attribute and get a result superior or equal to 8 to succeed.

By default, the game is set in the roaring 20's but an appendix allows you to create medieval characters. A Sci-fi setting is on the way as well (without aliens or haunted derelict ships, we promise!).

Rats in the Walls was the product of multiple things:
  • As much as I appreciate the simplicity of Call of Cthulhu's BRP system, I wanted something even simplier, without the burden of dozens and dozens of skills and sub-systems.
  • At the same time I didn't want to write a "one-shot only" game. These are a dime a dozen, especially in the horror genre. I wanted the characters to be able to evolve in long-term campaigns.
  • I wanted to help the GM to create his own investigations/horror adventures and to help him run these kind of games as well.

So go grab the game, it's pay what you want!