mardi 18 avril 2017

Gun Dogs rpg : D&D meets Zardoz

So what is Gun Dogs ? 

You are the survivor of an alien attack against Earth. All memories of the past have been erased. You are now protected by the Citadel and the elusive Masters.

You are a Gun Dog, sent away to look for alien technology and learn more about their plans. Good Gun Dogs may earn citizenship and the right to live with the Masters.

Beware though, you may stumble upon the lost history of your people. Who knows what it might reveal ?

So grab a D20, some D6, call your friends and explore the Forgotten Lands !

4 commentaires:

Morgan Blackhand a dit…

Merci pour le jeu!

Kobayashi a dit…

J'espère qu'il te plaira !

Bob Mory a dit…

The Bear made my day... once again ;)

Rien que les inspis me ravissent. Bravo ! J'adore le ton général (et les illus).
Merci beaucoup !

Kobayashi a dit…

Merci Bobor !