mercredi 15 août 2007

Shell Shock 3

Ghost in the Shell [Shock]

Dans les prochains posts je m'attarderais un peu plus sur le système de jeu (souhaité) de Shell Shock. En attendant, encore une lecture qui vaut le détour, un article de Der Spiegel (en anglais) :

"Samsung Techwin, a South Korean electronics firm, heads the consortium that developed the device, a black shooting robot. Equipped with video and ultrasound cameras, the robot can distinguish between trees and people and, according to Arkin, can independently open fire on anyone crossing the border illegally. The Pentagon also wants to give the robots more freedom, arguing that the only way to enhance the fighting power of US troops is to enable a soldier to use several unmanned systems at the same time. This is only possible if the machines are allowed to make many of their decisions independently. According to a US Army document, both "lethal and non-lethal combat" could be possible as autonomous behavior."

Voilà qui va mettre un peu de couleur dans l'univers, même si Shell Shock se concentrera avant tout sur l'aspect humain en priorité.

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